Are You Ready for an Appointment?
– Considering installation of joinery within the next 8 months?
– Have a builder engaged for extensive pre-joinery work, if needed?
– Conducted research and have a style idea in mind?
– Have a project budget in place?
– Plans drawn up or seeking design assistance?

What to Expect at Your Appointment
During your initial appointment, we aim to understand your joinery needs better. Allow approximately an hour to discuss layout, finishes, design concepts, and take measurements.
– For New Renovators: We simplify the process for easy understanding.
– For Experienced Renovators: Delve into drawn plans, resolving design roadblocks with our expert insights.
To provide an accurate quote, we’ll talk about cabinetry finishes, benchtops, and accessories. While final colors are flexible, an idea of material preferences helps us create a tailored quote.

Timing for Appliance Purchases
– Exact appliance details are needed during final plan drawing.
– Ensure information on appliance sizes (e.g., 600mm oven, 900mm oven) during consultations for layout considerations.
– Provide appliance details and model numbers before finalizing plans.

Trades Involved in a Kitchen Renovation
In addition to our team, expect involvement from trades such as a Plumber, Electrician, Plasterer, Tiler, Painter, and Builder for a comprehensive kitchen renovation service.

How Soon Will I Have My Kitchen Back
The duration varies based on your project schedule. If coordinating with a builder, their timeline governs. If solely engaging us to manage trades, anticipate a 2-3 week span. This accounts for the existing kitchen removal, trade rough-ins, joinery setup, stone work (7-10 days), and trade fittings.

Timeline from Design to Installation – the process is divided into four stages.
Stage 1: Design & Finishes
Dependent on client promptness:
– Contract signing and deposit payment.
– Reviewing draft plans for adjustments, with two review allocations.
– Ideal timing: 2-3 weeks (delays may arise with additional reviews or decision postponements).

Stage 2: Final Plans
Confirmation phase requiring appliance details and model numbers.
– Signed off final plans within a week.

Stage 3: Production
Lead time of 6-8 weeks post final plan approval.
– Possible delays from supplier-related material delays.

Stage 4: Installation
Involves site delivery, installation, and trade management.
– Potential delays if site readiness is lacking.
– Office furnishes an installation schedule for planning assistance.

Payment Options:
– Bank transfer.

Showroom Availability
– Our design showroom operates by appointment-only for personalized finishes selection.

When determining your kitchen renovation costs, consider the following key components:
1. Cabinetry: This covers the cost of all cabinetry needed for your kitchen, with prices varying based on finishes.
2. Benchtop: Costs are influenced by your chosen benchtop finish and the size of your kitchen. Your designer will furnish you with pricing information and can offer comparisons across different stone ranges and finishes.
3. Splashback: Various splashback options exist in the market. You can explore different splashback styles and factor in your preferences when budgeting.
4. Appliances: Consider the appliances you desire, as these can significantly impact your budget. It is advisable to estimate their costs to manage your remaining budget effectively.
5. Trade Work: This encompasses services such as plumbing, electrical work, and tiling, which may vary depending on project requirements. We can provide you with an estimate to help gauge these costs accurately for your project.